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Better Options Trades Using Implied Volatility

The realities of today's markets mean that you as a retail trader are seeing big swings and fluctuations in prices. This can leave you feeling like you are stopped out of a trade too soon, or you missed a move, or worse, you bought in the wrong direction. With the bigger moves in the S&P 500, [...]

Better Options Trades Using Implied Volatility2018-11-19T22:55:26-04:00

Episode 82 – How to Manage a Loss When Trading

When trading you will lose money. Each trader will deal with this differently. While each trader is unique and will handle the situation in their own way, there are some trips and strategies that we can use as traders to manage the losses and move on to the next profitable trade. In this episode of the [...]

Episode 82 – How to Manage a Loss When Trading2018-11-18T21:55:22-04:00

Episode 81 – How to Focus Your Trading

The markets are always presenting new and exciting ideas to traders. There is always another trade or a new stock that is making all time highs or lows. How can you as a trader filter out the market noise and maintain your focus on the strategies that are making you money. It is all too easy [...]

Episode 81 – How to Focus Your Trading2018-11-11T22:06:29-04:00

Flying High – Put Credit Spread in BA

I wanted to buy a call option in Boeing (BA). When I looked at the price of the call it was high due to the increased implied volatility that we are currently experiencing. High implied volatility increases the cost of buying put and call options. It is the buyer of these options that bears the cost [...]

Flying High – Put Credit Spread in BA2018-11-08T22:43:15-04:00

3 Simple Trading Tricks That Could Lead to Profitable Treats

It may be Halloween season, but investors seem more scared of bears than they are of zombies, goblins and ghosts. Fortunately, if you are new to options trading, you'll soon find that you have nothing to fear and everything to gain in bear markets. Here are just a few simple trading "tricks" that could help you [...]

3 Simple Trading Tricks That Could Lead to Profitable Treats2018-11-02T15:27:39-04:00

Episode 80 – Trading Implied Volatility

Implied volatility has been on investors minds lately, as the markets have seen an increase in the amount they are moving each day. This increase in volatility has spilled over to individual stocks increasing the Implied Volatility. Implied Volatility can be traded directly, or traders can take advantage of certain options strategies that benefit from increasing [...]

Episode 80 – Trading Implied Volatility2018-11-02T11:58:42-04:00