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YouCanTrade is a community to help traders, active investors and anyone who wants to learn more about the financial markets. We started as SheCanTrade, meaning that Sarah Potter can trade. We are launching this new website with the same great trading strategies as before, but with a new name that empowers You the trader.

Everyone can learn to trade, or learn about the financial markets, that means that You Can Trade. You are the focus of our strategies and education. We have designed the site to give You the tools you need to succeed in the markets.

Meet Our Team

Sarah Potter
Sarah PotterHead Trader
Sarah Potter is the author of How You Can Trade Like A Pro: Breaking into Options, Futures, Stocks and ETFs (Published by McGraw Hill) and founder of

Sarah’s favorite ways to trade include swing trading options but she will also trade futures, options on futures, etf’s and stocks. Sarah is well regarded as a trading and market expert and is well known for her trading consistency and straightforward options strategies. Her unique skill set including her masters of education means that you not only get the benefit of seeing a great trader, but also learn about trading markets and market analysis in a clear and understandable way.

Sarah Potter and her trades and analysis have been featured in, Tradestation, All Stars of Options, Traders Expo, Scotia iTrade,, Yahoo Finance, AOL Daily Finance, Active Trader Magazine and more.

Shaun has enjoyed trading from a young age, at 12 years old he learned to trade commodities from his father. After graduating with a major in Business and Accounting, he set out to trade on his own while working full time. As with most investors, he has traded a variety of markets and tested countless strategies over the years. With more than 43 of years of experience trading in the markets, Shaun has mastered his trading strategy from hard work, dedication and an eye for trades with high probability quick moves in price action. His preference is day trading US stocks using scalping, and often covered calls on stocks and calendar spreads.

Shaun has learned that you have to learn good capital management and not try for the next big score. Home runs in games are sexy but it’s the consistent one and two base hits that ultimately set u up for a big score. By consistently swinging for the fences often you are sitting on the sidelines licking your wounds.

Shaun has been married for 34 years to is wonderful wife. He has two children and two beautiful grandchildren. When he isn’t trading, he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, and refereeing basketball and softball.