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Riding Out Geopolitical Risk

By Brian Benson, On Course with Options   In my recent blog post, “Selling Options On Oil”, I made mention of “geopolitical risk” in oil markets.  This is probably a term that we’ve all been hearing a little too much of lately. But, here we are starting out the 2020 trading year with a rather significant [...]

Riding Out Geopolitical Risk2020-01-31T12:37:25-05:00

Selling Options On Oil

By Brian Benson, On Course with Options   Why Trade Oil? The West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil futures contract (ticker CL) represents a huge market with great liquidity. Liquidity is an important consideration when picking a market to trade because it allows traders to easily enter and exit trades with minimal slippage. Slippage refers to losses [...]

Selling Options On Oil2020-01-31T12:33:47-05:00

A Simple, Low-Maintenance Strategy for Metals Exposure

By Brian Benson, On Course with Options   Why Invest in Metals? Gold and silver have historically been valued as a physical store of wealth and a hedge against economic risks such as inflation. Moreover, for diversification purposes gold and silver often have poor correlation to stocks. Factors driving the price of gold and silver include [...]

A Simple, Low-Maintenance Strategy for Metals Exposure2020-01-31T12:25:23-05:00

Tax Advantages of Trading Futures and Options on Futures

By: Brian Benson, On Course with Options What is Section 1256? For traders who are subject to US tax regulations and file Federal tax returns in the United States, there’s a rather useful, but not widely known, portion of the tax code called Section 1256.  Section 1256 provides for a 60/40 split between long-term and short- [...]

Tax Advantages of Trading Futures and Options on Futures2020-01-31T12:20:36-05:00
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