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Crypto Untapped: Plug into the Crypto Markets

Get connected to the world of crypto trading by watching coach Rob Klages trade his real money in real-time.

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Find New Opportunities With a New Asset Class

The Crypto Untapped channel is your chance to explore a new asset class that can open up an exciting world of trading for beginning and seasoned traders alike. With this trading channel, you’ll dive into the digital asset markets and see the latest crypto trading tools in action.

As a Crypto Untapped channel subscriber, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find daily trading opportunities
  • See how news headlines impact cryptocurrency
  • Use custom tools for fundamental market analysis
  • Compare how cryptocurrency is traded and valued versus equities
  • Understand cryptocurrency regulations

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Your subscription to the Crypto Untapped Channel includes everything you need to continue your stock market trading online education so you can trade with confidence.

Meet the Crypto Untapped Coaches

Get to know the people who will guide you on your trading journey.

Rob Klages Photograph
Head Coach

A cryptocurrency trader for over five years, Rob Klages took an early interest in the new asset class, leading him to intern with TradeStation and assist with the launch of TradeStation Crypto. He leads the Gator Blockchain group at the University of Florida, where he studies Mathematics and Philosophy. Tapping into his mathematical acumen, he’s developed his own system for automated Bitcoin trading, OCM Capital.

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