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Getting Started with TradeStation

Getting Started With TradeStation: Powerful Trading Platforms

Join us in a casual, interactive learning environment where instructors showcase the features and functions of TradeStation’s suite of powerful trading platforms. Watch live product demonstrations with real-time data, and get your key questions answered so can get up and trading quickly.


Take on the Markets with TradeStation

Hosted by TradeStation Securities, Inc., Getting Started with TradeStation is an instructional channel dedicated to TradeStation and those traders who want to take their trading to the next level. Taught by skilled instructors with years of experience, watch feature-rich platform demonstrations with in-depth Q&A sessions so you can get started trading sooner.

Join Getting Started with TradeStation to learn how to:

  • Use the point-and-shoot Matrix to place trades quickly
  • Build powerful price charts with unlimited analysis possibilities
  • Analyze and trade options with OptionStationPro
  • Scan for real-time trading opportunities with RadarScreen
  • Use FuturesPlus for futures options and future spreads

Unlock Your Trading Potential

Your FREE subscription to the Getting Started with TradeStation channel includes video resources, support and more. All designed to help you understand how each trading platform works and how you can use them more effectively in your trading.

Meet the Getting Started with TradeStation Instructors

Get to know the people who will help guide you through TradeStation’s powerful trading platforms.

Jesus Nava
TradeStation Techie

I’ve been working for TradeStation since 1999 and know my way around all the platforms very well. Your success and feedback are very important to me, so I always incorporate lots of Q&A time at the end of each training session. I can’t wait to showcase and help you master the powerful features of TradeStation. Please join me for this fun, no-pressure educational training experience today.

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Michael Burke
TradeStation Techie

Trading isn’t easy, especially in the beginning. As someone who’s been with TradeStation for over 20 years, I’ve seen a lot of new traders struggle to get started with our powerful tools. I find it very rewarding helping traders who are just starting to master the skills needed to start trading. I’d love to help you on your trading journey by exploring the features available on TradeStation’s powerful trading platforms. Please join me!

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