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On Course with Options

On Course With Options: Trading is a Journey—Stay On Course!

Learn trade setups, technical analysis and risk management approaches for long-term trade consistency by watching Head Coach, Brian Benson, trade his real money in real-time.

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Get to know the people who will guide you on your trading journey.

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Head Coach

Welcome! I’ve been trading for more than 35 years and truly enjoy passing on my experience to others through teaching. My “get out of the chair” approach to trading has made it possible for me to trade while still having time to travel, go boating and spend time with friends and family. Ready to stay on course? Start your free two-week trial to test the waters and experience what my channel has to offer.

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Practical Technical Analysis for Low Maintenance Trading

The On Course With Options channel celebrates your trading journey, not just the destination. Coach Brian’s mentorship program combines his focus on long-term consistency with a preference for low-maintenance trades to allow for a healthy and flexible trade-life balance.

As an On Course With Options channel subscriber, you’ll learn how to:

  • Take your trading to the next level
  • Navigate options selling strategies
  • Use practical technical analysis and trade selection processes
  • Trade for potential income generation and long-term growth
  • Place trades to possibly grow capital
  • Understand the psychology behind trading

Unlock Your Trading Potential

Your subscription to the On Course With Options training program channel includes everything you need to boost your trading knowledge so you can trade with confidence.

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