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Tradeology - The Fifth Insight

Tradeology — The Fifth Insight: Trade with Insight

Learn how to trade with—or without—complicated technical analysis charts and indicators while watching experienced trader, coach Neil Szczepanski, trade his real money in real-time.


Statistical Probabilities and Momentum Swing Trading—Simplified

Tradeology — The Fifth Insight channel is a training program focused on short- and long-term options trading with an emphasis on statistical probabilities. Complicated trading concepts are dissected and simplified, making this trading program ideal for beginner and experienced traders alike.

As a Tradeology — The Fifth Insight channel subscriber, you’ll:

  • Experience the power of defined risk options spreads and favorable trading set-ups
  • Learn how experienced traders find and construct trades in the market
  • Understand statistical probabilities and how to use them to your advantage
  • Learn the unwritten rules and concepts of trading
  • Learn how to use technical analysis charts and indicators in your trading

Unlock Your Trading Potential

Your subscription to the Tradeology — The Fifth Insight channel includes resources, support and information you can use to develop and refine your trading skills.

Meet the Tradeology — The Fifth Insight Coach

Get to know the people who will guide you on your trading journey.

Neil Szczepanski Photograph
Head Coach

As a veteran trader and coach—both on the field and in the trading room—I find helping others achieve their self-directed goals highly rewarding. I am an options premium seller with a swing trading approach focused on simplified strategies using statistical probabilities. If that sounds like a mouthful, it’s because it is. But don’t worry. My “keep it simple” approach to trading and collaborative learning environment will help you trade with confidence. Join my trading training channel today to see if it’s the right fit for you.

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