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Two Roads Trading

Two Roads Trading: Build Your Trading Process

Discover your personal trading strategy and style while watching head coach, Matt Hensley, trade his real money in real-time.


Rules-Based Trading Focused on Risk Management

The Two Roads Trading channel is a trading training program created to support stock and stock options traders from all backgrounds and experience levels with short-term swing trading and day trading. Coach Matt values and encourages personal feedback with live demonstrations and interactive Q&As throughout each coaching session.

As a Two Roads Trading channel subscriber, you’ll learn how to:

  • A breakdown of risks and rewards for each trade idea
  • Real-time market thoughts and analysis
  • Trade journaling and post-trade analysis
  • How to find your personal trading strategy and style
  • How to select trades that are rules-based
  • Risk management strategies

Unlock Your Trading Potential

Your subscription to Two Roads Trading includes everything you need to find your personal style and hone your trading skills so you can trade with confidence.

Meet the Two Roads Trading Coach

Get to know the people who will guide you on your trading journey.

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Head Coach

I’m a full-time trader with a background in education and coaching. I love sharing new strategies, indicators, chart tools and anything else that might help someone become a better trader. Trading itself is personal, but I believe tremendous value exists in a group learning environment that supports the sharing of ideas and feedback in real-time. If you’re looking for an interactive, hands-on learning experience, please check out the Two Roads Trading channel free for 14 days.

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As a veteran trader and coach—both on the field and in the trading room—I find helping others achieve their self-directed goals highly rewarding. I am an options premium seller with a swing trading approach focused on simplified strategies using statistical probabilities. If that sounds like a mouthful, it’s because it is. But don’t worry. My “keep it simple” approach to trading and collaborative learning environment will help you trade with confidence. Join my trading training channel today to see if it’s the right fit for you.

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