Becky Hayman

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Becky Hayman


Becky Hayman has been in the markets since 2013, focusing on the Forex and Futures markets. She specializes mainly in trade plans and back-testing, helping traders build their own unique trading plans and understand how to test them effectively and efficiently.
Having worked in education for multiple years, from teaching classes to one-on-one coaching, Becky is passionate about the learning process for students of trading.

A passion to travel fuels her love for the financial markets and she hopes to use her experience to help others shorten their learning curves and achieve their own goals efficiently.

Meet Becky

What Motivates Me

I am particularly motivated to help shorten the learning curve for traders and helping them gain the confidence to trade their strategy sooner. Like many traders, I’ve tried multiple approaches and seemed to be hitting a brick wall a lot. I know this happens with many who try trading and I want to help them to find their way around the wall.

What I Like to Trade

I have been trading FX and Futures for years. FX particularly suits me as I like to swing trade, which allows me to have more time flexibility around my trading and allows me to travel more without worrying so much about missing opportunities. I like being able to use technology that I can apply to any currency pair.

Outside of Trading

I absolutely love to travel. COVID notwithstanding, I usually take around 6-8 trips to year, whether that’s a short weekend break to a European city, or a big trip of a few weeks to somewhere exotic in South East Asia, South America, or Africa. What I love about trading is that as long as I have internet, I can look at the markets. One time I was on a train between Oslo and Stockholm, snow-capped mountains and beautiful scenery flying past my window, and a FX chart in front of me. For me, perfect!

My Channel



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