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Brian Benson

Brian Benson


Brian Benson started trading stocks part-time in the late 80s during his career in the tech industry. In the 90s his focus became trading options, particularly selling option premium. After more than 27 years as an engineer and program manager at a Fortune 500 company, he “retired early” to become a full-time trader and trading coach.

Brian is a big proponent of using multiple strategies and timeframes. Several of his favorite strategies may be used for defined risk, non-margin accounts, and IRAs. Most of his option-selling trades have a timeframe of one to two months. He places occasional swing and day trades, depending on market conditions. His overall approach is to incorporate volatility, duration, and correlation (or non-correlation) to the trader’s advantage.

With more than 35 years of trading experience, he really enjoys what has become a life-long passion for trading and helping others to become better traders as well.

Meet Brian

What Motivates Me

I really enjoy the intellectual challenge of trading and teaching others about trading. I believe I have the passion, knowledge, and experience to help others “stay on course” for a better chance at improving your longer term trading consistency – hence the theme of my channel “On Course with Options.”

What I Like to Trade

I am generally a seller of option premium, and my trades tend to have a timeframe of one week to about two months. I tend to diversify my trading with multiple strategies, trading uncorrelated markets, and using various trade durations. My trading approach has evolved over the years to include a variety of asset classes and strategies. Selling options on commodities like oil, gold, and silver is a special focus of mine.

Outside of Trading

My trading style supports “getting out of the chair” and living a full life along with trading. I like to travel, see new things, and meet new people. I’m fortunate to live on the water where boating and pretty much any water-related activity is readily accessible. Whether it’s boating or some activity onshore, quality time with family and friends is the most rewarding thing of all.

My Channel

On Course with Options

On Course with Options


On Course With Options focuses on options selling strategies using stocks, ETFs, and commodities for all levels of traders. Selling option premium can provide the flexibility and freedom to spend less time at the trading desk. Although some short-term trades are placed, the typical trade timeframe is one to two months. This low-maintenance trading style may be an excellent fit for traders with traditional jobs, other businesses, frequent travel, or a busy schedule

Specializing in medium to longer-term options strategies using stocks, ETFs, and commodities for all levels of traders. Coaching sessions focus on trade setups, technical analysis, and risk management approaches focused on long-term consistency as a trader..

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