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Eric Waddell

Futures, Strategy Trading, Active Day Trading

After serving in the military, Eric managed a team of financial advisors who were responsible for client assets of more than $420M (in today’s money). After leaving the corporate world, he began to trade full-time. Since Eric had been traveling the world since the age of 18, he decided to parlay his trading skills with his public speaking/teaching skills and not only travel the world for fun but also as an educator.

Eric has developed proprietary trading strategies that have been taught around the world since the mid-2000s. His goal as a coach is not only to make sure everyone understands the strategies and principles, but that every student also enjoys the process. Eric places strong value on you and your goals.

Meet Eric

What Motivates Me

One of my all-time favorite quotes is from C. S. Lewis: “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” Since motivation is essentially the “driving force” behind what we do, my driving force with the FAST channel is helping people create an alternate or additional income source and a skillset which can be passed down to future generations. Once you’ve got it, no one can take it away.

What I Like to Trade

I placed my first trade in 1996 while I was in the financial industry managing money. I focused on just stocks and occasionally, options until around 2006. That’s when I learned more about futures. I had avoided futures for years because I was conditioned to only consider equities and derivatives of equities. However, once I learned about the tax benefits (for U.S. traders), 24-hour trading as a means to control risk and the leverage component, I was sold. Today, my primary focus is futures for my short-term trading, but my strategies can be applied to any asset class.

Outside of Trading

When not trading, I enjoy time with my children as well as riding my Cannondale Road Bike and swimming in our pool. I also love to travel. I have lived abroad – traveling to 16 countries as well as almost all 50 states. Side note- I really wish college football were an all-year event instead of just August to January.

My Channel

FAST- For All Seasons Trading

Futures, Strategy Trading, Active Day Trading

Eric focuses mainly on futures trading with his unique strategies. He places a heavy emphasis on trade set-ups and the importance of the large institutions.

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