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Jeff Sonnier


Jeff joined the service in 1976 and spent his whole military time in Japan during the 1970s and was honorably discharged in July of 1982. He then worked for Sprint Corporation for 33 years and retired afterwards. During his Sprint career, Jeff dabbled in stock and options trading. He also went back to college to finish his education. Jeff received a FCC General Radio Telephone License in 1983. In addition, he completed an associates degree (AS) in electronic communication in 1986, a bachelors in Management and Human Resources (BA) in 1996, and an MBA in 1998.

Jeff started getting serious about trading in 2012 and he has been trading Stocks/Options/Futures ever since. He has helped many people improve their trading skills by teaching them how to zone properly. The trading he enjoys the most is options as he gets the best leverage for the fewest amount of $$ invested keeping his losses within his trading rule guidelines, and if a trade does not work out, he gets out and moves on to the next opportunity using a very specific set of rules that he follows to get in and out of options trades.

Jeff loves to show traders how to analyze the risk/reward and go through the process of executing a trade with either limit orders or activation rules.

Meet Jeff

What Motivates Me

I like to teach what I know about trading. For me, it is a life-long journey and I learn new things each year. I like to see the results of this teaching when the student has the ‘ah-ha’ moment. I also like to trade the markets, looking for high probability trades that could result in a win.

What I Like to Trade

Of all the different products to trade (Stock, Options, Futures, and Forex), I am in awe of options because of the low amount of capital required to enter a trade. I enjoy the limited risk when entering a trade, and a nice reward compared to just buying/selling stocks.

Outside of Trading

I have my youngest grandchildren living with me and I couldn’t think of a worthier task than to help raise them. I also enjoy riding my motorcycles, playing my piano, and traveling.

My Channel



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