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Jose Blasco


Jose Blasco is a multi-asset trader who specializes in options, equities, futures, and currencies. Since he began trading in 2008, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on global markets, trading both directional and non-directional strategies across multiple timeframes. In 2011 he began sharing his expertise as a trading instructor, delivering training in-person as well as online and appearing on live broadcast events.

Jose has developed innovative trading technology as the Principal of Traddictiv PTE.LTD, where he also mentors traders worldwide. In addition, Jose has served as an engineering professor, and he taps into his love of technology to teach online trading techniques. His multilingual skills allow him to travel the world and keep abreast of global markets.

Meet Jose

What Motivates Me

I just love the markets. I love them all, and I love them with a healthy mix of peace and passion!

As a result, I am always ready to click the button if the market provides me with opportunities that meet my trading rules. And I am always eager to screen-share and team up when running trading sessions encouraging my students to work with me on setups and executions.

I also love technology and the fact that it saves me time and allows me to approach trading more objectively.

What I Like to Trade

Everything in life has pros and cons and, in this sense, being a bit of a perfectionist, I like to keep the pros and reduce the cons by using different trading instruments for different trading purposes.

For instance, my use of Futures is devoted to intraday trading exclusively, while with Options, Forex or Stocks I open the door to other trading styles with longer durations as well as being directional and non-directional via combinations of assets.

I like to be properly diversified with different trading products, different strategies and different time exposures.

Outside of Trading

I have my family on the top of the priority list, and the beauty of trading is that market hours and personal time can be made compatible. I am very lucky to have additional passions that I enjoy with my family.

One of these hobbies is ballroom dancing where being purely social now, used to be a very intense time of my life for 10 years where I competed actively and even got some professional recognitions as well as organized official international competitions in my city.

My other little obsession is a bit noisier as it has to do with motorsports and more specifically Formula 1, which I’ve followed since I was a little boy. While regular cars do not interest me that much, I travel to F1 tracks on a regular basis, enjoy the competition and if possible take some driving lessons in those circuits.

My Channel



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