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Matt Hensley


Matt Hensley has been a full-time trader since 2014. With his degree in management, background in both teaching and coaching, and passion for the markets, teaching others about how to trade became the next logical step. Over the past four years, he has worked with hundreds of traders in small group settings, and hosted a live market wrap show across multiple trading platforms.

His passion for trading comes from his father, who became interested in the markets himself after the 2008 financial crisis. The two still share an office and spend most days batting ideas back and forth.

Meet Matt

What Motivates Me

I love to learn and share what I have learned with others. New strategies, indicators, chart tools, anything to help become a better trader. Even as a new trader, I was involved in several after-hours study groups, and nothing is more exciting than working with like-minded people toward a common goal. Trading itself is personal, but I’ve found the learning process works best as a group, with ideas and feedback in real time.

What I Like to Trade

I use options for my swing trading and stocks for my day trading. Once the inherent risk and complexity of options is understood, it can give you multiple ways to play the same trade idea. I usually day trade the first hour of the day, then move into my swings. Proper position sizing, understanding your risk, and swinging for base hits rather than home runs define my trading style.

Outside of Trading

I really enjoy working with the students at the university in my hometown on basic financial literacy. I encourage them to get their feet wet through paper trading while they are still in college. I have some family scattered throughout the Midwest, so I’ll travel around during the summer. Every weekend I’m able, I will disconnect for a few hours and read.

My Channel

Two Roads Trading

Two Roads Trading


Focused on short-term swing trading and day trading for all levels stock and options traders. Coaching sessions have a heavy emphasis on trader education, demonstrations with multiple trade ideas throughout each day, and extended Q&A sessions.

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