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Neil Szczepanski


Neil Szczepanski puts the “tech” in technical trading. Seasoned with both information technology and trading experience, Neil experiments with how artificial intelligence and information technologies can enhance trading.

He has worked for over 20 years in various information technology senior advisory positions at Fortune 500 organizations. He provided guidance to help the firms he represented achieve growth and increase value with smart technology.

Neil has been trading since 1988, and also has been coaching his “simple” trading strategies based on statistical probabilities and momentum swing trading. He is an experienced options trader with primary focus as a net options seller.

Meet Neil

What Motivates Me

I have always had an affinity for helping others. Early on, it was helping other students in my business economics courses in college. Later, in my working life, it was helping non-technical people understand technology, and today it is helping others better understand the markets and trading. I find it very rewarding to help others achieve their self-directed trading goals and aspirations.

What I Like to Trade

I trade stocks and options, and I am primarily an options premium seller. I have a swing trading approach utilizing a simple strategy that uses statistical probabilities. I take a ‘keep it simple’ approach to trading technologies and try to make sure trading can be as straightforward as possible.

Outside of Trading

I have a great family with a wonderful wife and six terrific children that keep me busy.  I was always heavily involved in sports throughout my high school and college career.  Today, I coach many of my children’s teams in basketball and still play from time to time.  I also love technology and have been heavily involved in it my entire life.

My Channel

Two Roads Trading

Two Roads Trading


Focused on short-term swing trading and day trading for all levels stock and options traders. Coaching sessions have a heavy emphasis on trader education, demonstrations with multiple trade ideas throughout each day, and extended Q&A sessions.

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