Shantanu Sarkar

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Shantanu Sarkar

Trading with a focus on consistency, perseverance and patience

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Schedule a personalized, one-on-one hour-long online session with Shantanu Sarkar, trading coach. Sessions can include setting your own trading objectives and feedback on your trade selection and setup. After you purchase a session the coach will contact you to coordinate a date and time. No personalized or customized investment or trading advice or recommendations are made in these sessions.

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Learn strategies using stock and index options to help supplement your income and work to achieve long term retirement goals.

Shantanu Sarkar focusses on options trading strategies along with trade management and money management for with the goal of generating income generation over a long period of time. Shan discusses various strategies to help identify potential winning positions in any market condition. Live trading sessions focus on maintaining a daily routine, pursuing trading as an active business and monitoring different elements of trading.

  • Follow a daily routine
  • Avoid panic in volatile markets and stick to your trading strategy
  • Manage your trades in adverse situations
  • Identify potential opportunities using an easy to follow, step-by-step approach
  • Using external tools to monitor and manage your positions

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Meet Shan

Shantanu Sarkar

Shantanu Sarkar


Shantanu Sarkar has been actively trading for more than 10 years. Shan is a qualified CPA in Australia and Chartered Accountant in India. Shan has vast experience in corporate technology transformation with a passion for learning and analysis, general economy and business and politics. His experience in technology complements his knowledge of the markets and various trading instruments.
Shan often spends time informally coaching his friends and colleagues. He is always fascinated with the numbers and potentials with trading. He likes to dig deeper and analyze possible opportunities with his trades. His favorite areas of coaching are trade management and money management. He is excited by the immense potential of stock and index options and how they might help others build a steady and reliable retirement income stream. Shan’s objective is long-term growth.
While coaching, Shan focuses on a daily routine, sticking to a trading strategy, trade management and using tools that support active trading.

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