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Wayne Sandberg


Wayne Sandberg has been trading futures, equities, and options since the early 70s .. he was licensed broker on CBT/CME in 1974 .. owned a seat on MNPLS exchange and was a floor trader as well as an introducing futures broker … he took his expertise to agricultural corporate giants ConAgra and ADM to build their trading departments .. lastly, he built his own trading company with grain, Petfood and feed manufacturing with facilities from MNPLS to central Texas, trading both domestic as well as export business … selling his businesses in 2015 Wayne wants to give back and pass on as best he can to all willing future traders that know their why but now want their WANT.

Meet Wayne

What Motivates Me

I grew up trading and as a result my PASSION for this business is as overwhelming as that of a farm kid wanting to be a farmer. I have had people ask me what my WHY is: Knowing your why is easy … Knowing your WANT and achieving it is what it is all about. Being a rookie or a novice and saying you want to be a trader is easy to say doing it for WANT and achieving it takes work and repetition. I want to take those that have moved beyond their fairy-tale phase and into their WANT phase and help mold them through OSMOSIS or HARD CORE TRAINING into what I believe they can be. Over my 40 some years I have trained winners that want to win and it makes me proud when they take the bull by the horns and become successful to where they are giving back also.

What I Like to Trade

Having run successful grain, feed, and cross country trading businesses the most basic rule is try to be hedged when ever you can and keep the probabilities highly in your favor. So naturally I prefer to trade options by themselves or as protection on my futures and equities positions. I have had longevity of over forty years so I strongly believe in how I approach the various markets. This life is all I have every known and giving back to traders and investors that have the same passion I had and still have is my main focus going forward.

You will see me hedging equities, energies, grains, and interest rates.

Outside of Trading

I have always been a big family man. Happy wife, Happy life … Happy kids, Happy grandkids … Humor in everyday life makes life easier. I am a religious man in my actions but don’t really participate in organized functions. Although I consider myself a workaholic I find time to be with the family. I like hanging out at the farm, riding horses, and shooting skeet and sporting clays with family and friends. I am also a certified BBQ grill master.

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