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How to Buy Stock at a Discount

How to Buy Stock at a Discount

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Course Objectives

This course will teach you what call and put options are, and how extrinsic and intrinsic value can be used in your favor. We will learn about such strategies like covered calls, selling put credit spreads for getting into long stock positions at a discount and learn about how to sell a covered straddle and strangle to lower the cost of our long stock positions while maximizing our exits.

The “How to Buy Stock at a Discount” course is a highly interactive course with student engagement strongly encouraged. These sessions will be kept at small attendance to ensure quality.

The course is presented by Shaun Mahoney. When Shaun found he had a knack for teaching others, he began sharing his knowledge as a SheCanTrade instructor in 2018. He focuses on providing traders a very visual way of looking at the markets with chart trading indicators. As a self-taught trader, he can easily relate to other self-directed traders and try to help them find the tools and mindset to learn, grow, and improve their trading skills, one step at a time.

What You’ll Learn

  • Strategies to give you the statistical edge when buying or selling stock
  • How leap options can help leverage your returns and tie up less capital
  • How to have confidence in defending your trade even if it does not go your way

Whats Included

  • More than four hours of live instruction
  • Course materials and resources

Meet Your Coach

Shaun Mahoney

Shaun Mahoney is a business owner and part-time trader. He placed his first trade on an orange juice contract at age 18, having been introduced to trading through his father, a farmer. After reading his father’s commodity books, he was inspired to start trading futures, forex options, stock options, and stocks. His focus today is option credit spreads.


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