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Stantanu Sarkar

Learn How Options Can Help Boost Your Earnings

Learn How Options Can Help Boost Your Earnings

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7 Hours of Learning

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Course Objectives

This course helps you learn how to get started with options and how options can be used to earn regular income using low capital investments while minimizing risks. The course starts with some fundamental concepts about options and how they work in real life with context to stocks, index and ETFs. This course is aimed at stock traders and investors who would like to get started with practical, meaningful information and selected trading strategies back tested in real life to guide you while learning to trade.

This course explains in detail some essential concepts about options, their pricing and how to utilize that knowledge to help get in to profit-making trading positions on a regular basis. The course follows a step-by-step approach to setting up your trade and trying to identify winning opportunities. Once the trade is set up and placed, the course also explains how you can manage your trade to avoid big losses and minimize your risks while working to maximize gains from winners.

Shan is an experienced trader with years of experience in trading different financial instruments including stocks, options, CFDs and forex. Shan has been experimenting with different trading strategies for quite some time and has developed well tested methods and setups. Shan also has years of experience in implementing software technology in his daily work to build powerful solutions in various business scenarios.

This interactive video course is designed to take you from the very basics of options trading to helping you identify the right option strategy for various market conditions. And, of course, you will have opportunities to ask questions and watch live options trading along the way.

Meet Your Coach


Shantanu Sarkar has been actively trading for more than 10 years. Shan is a qualified CPA in Australia and Chartered Accountant in India. Shan has vast experience in corporate technology transformation with a passion for learning and analysis, general economy and business and politics.


What You’ll Learn

  • Fundamental concepts about options and their pricing models
  • Various factors which drive the options pricing and how they can be used to setup a trade scenario
  • Simple trading strategies with lower priced investments and risks
  • How to identify trade opportunities by following a simple step by step process
  • How to track your option trades using tools
  • How to manage various trades

What’s Included

  • More than 7 hours of video learning
  • Recorded video lessons for future reference
  • Tools to manage the trade
  • Course materials and resources
  • Follow up live coaching sessions (2) with Shan


  • Basic knowledge of stocks and trading
  • Basic knowledge of using computers

Course Syllabus

  • Overview and Fundamentals60 min
  • Option Pricing50 min
  • Tools and Concepts63 min
  • Earnings Trading Strategy70 min
  • Long Term Covered Call Strategy83 min
  • Risk Profile and Trade Management49 min
  • Real Trading Examples 46 min
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