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Master Class – EasyLanguage Strategy Programming

Master Class – EasyLanguage Strategy Programming

30+ Students
5 Video
5 Hours
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FREE for TradeStation Master Class Subscribers.

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Course Objectives

TradeStation was founded on the idea that traders should test their ideas before risking their money. With EasyLanguage you have the ability to describe your trading ideas and see those ideas come to life in a chart. Now you can back-test your ideas historically – on any symbol, on any time frame in history, and on any chart interval – to determine whether or not that idea would have been successful and to assess the potential risks and rewards.

Join Michael Burke – Vice President of Education – for a five session online Master Class in writing strategies using EasyLanguage. Here you will learn how to develop and describe trading rules for entering and exiting the market, add money management and trade size rules to your strategies, and how to visualize and test your rules in a chart. We will also discuss how to turn your strategy rules into global scans using Scanner or RadarScreen

Based on Mike’s live in-person 2-day EasyLanguage for Strategies Master Class, you will get all the sample indicators and workspaces, along with many other useful utilities and resources, all to help you master the skills you will need to build your own trading strategies.

Best of all, you can access this special course for free simply by registering for a 14-day free trial of the Master Class channel.  The Master Class channel is a great way to jump start your skills with all the advanced trading and analysis features TradeStation has to offer.

After your trial is over, your monthly MasterClass membership is only $59 per month, for access to all the great daily content, videos, and resources you need to take your trading with TradeStation to that next level.

Important Note: Mike’s Strategy Trading Course and EasyLanguage Bootcamp Programming Course, are essential prerequisites for getting the most out of this strategy programming course. You can view these course archives for free with your trial membership to Master Class.

Meet Your Coach

Head Coach

Michael Burke is a TradeStation platform expert. His expertise includes technical analysis, multi-asset trading, strategy back-testing, options trading, and EasyLanguage® programming.


Course Syllabus

  • Understanding Strategy Orders60 min
  • Strategy Position and Performance60 min
  • Creating Strategy Components60 min
  • Multi-Data Strategies60 min
  • Building Complete Strategies60 min

for TradeStation Master Class Subscribers.

Unlimited Access
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