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Master Class – Strategy Trading

Master Class – Strategy Trading

5 Video
4.5 Hours
of Learning

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Course Objectives

One of the problems that all traders face is dealing with emotions, emotions cloud our judgment and can cause us to make poor trading decisions. And one of the best ways to deal with these negative emotions in our trading is to have a tested trading plan and strategy in place.

Join Michael Burke – Vice President of Education – for a five session online Master Class in Strategy Trading and Back testing. Learn why professional traders use strategy back testing in their trading, how you can back test your trading ideas before risking your money, and how strategy trading can help reduce emotional trading decisions.  Using the built-in tools inside TradeStation, you will learn how to build strategy rules, evaluate performance, and refine your rules with optimization. Finally, you will learn how to trade your strategies for real-world order execution.

Based on Mike’s live in-person one-day Strategy Trading Master Class, you will get all the sample strategies and workspaces, along with many other useful utilities and resources, all to help you master the skills you will need to build and test your own trading strategies.

Meet Your Coach

Head Coach

Michael Burke is a TradeStation platform expert. His expertise includes technical analysis, multi-asset trading, strategy back-testing, options trading, and EasyLanguage® programming.


Key Concepts

  • Why professional traders use tested strategies
  • How you can test your ideas before risking your money
  • How to build and test a strategy without any programming
  • How to evaluate strategy performance
  • How to refine your strategy with optimization
  • How to trade your strategies for real-world order execution

What’s Included

  • All the sample strategies used during the course
  • Custom workspaces used during the course
  • Other useful utilities and resources

Course Syllabus

  • Strategy Trading Fundamentals19 min
  • Strategy Trading Without Programming54 min

  • Strategy Trading Performance Evaluation61 min

  • Strategy Trading Optimization58 min

  • Strategy Trading Automation66 min

for TradeStation Master Class Subscribers.

Unlimited Access
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