Mastering Your Mental Trading Process

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Mastering Your Mental Trading Process

Mastering Your Mental Trading Process

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8 Modules
+8 hours
Unlimited Access

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Course Objectives

Trading is a completely unique discipline with its nearly unlimited risk and reward on any given day, and many traders are not emotionally equipped to handle it when they first start. Whether it’s the emotions from seeing the red or green in their account or the intrusion of outside factors on their decision making, traders need to be constantly aware of their mental trading processes.

This course will have a detailed breakdown of all the mental processes traders deal with as they go through their day to day trading. Traders will learn what to consider when entering and exiting a trade, to how to go about structuring their day, to how to treat their trading as a career and not just a side hobby.

This course is presented by Matt Hensley, a full-time active stock, options and futures trader. Matt has been teaching others to trade for almost five years, having worked with more than 100 traders one-on-one and lectured to thousands at various conferences and webinars.

“At events, I’m often asked what the biggest factor for me was in becoming a profitable trader after my early struggles. Most are surprised when I answer that taking my trading psychology seriously was just as important as any other factor. Strategies, setups, proper hardware and software are all vital, but without the mental preparation to manage all your input, it’s very challenging to maximize your potential as a trader.”

Matt Hensley,

What You’ll Learn

  • Easy to understand explanations of the most common mental trading errors almost every trader makes plus how to correct them
  • Learn the same strategies Matt uses every day to manage his emotions
  • How to gather evidence from the market to help place more consistent trades
  • How to keep track and evaluate your day to day mindset

What’s Included

  • Full Access to the Six Strategies to Get You Started Course
  • More than eight hours of video learning
  • A trading psychology workbook with exercises and mental checklists
  • One 30 Min one-on-one coaching session with Matt


  • At least six months trading experience

Meet Your Coach

Matt Hensley

Matt Hensley has been a full-time trader since 2014. With his degree in management, background in both teaching and coaching, and passion for the markets, teaching others about how to trade became the next logical step.


Course Syllabus

  • Why Trading is Mentally Different and How to Prepare Yourself to Trade67 min
  • Establishing Your Routine44 min

  • Common Mental Trading Errors and How to Correct Them49 min
  • How to Keep and Use a Trading Psych Journal33 min
  • Why Process is Important and How to Build Yours110 min

  • Outside Factors33 min

  • A Detailed Walk Through Matt’s Trading Week, Part I83 min
  • A Detailed Walk Through Matt’s Trading Week, Part II47 min
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