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Six Strategies to Get You Started

Six Strategies to Get You Started

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3 Modules
+2 hours
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Course Objectives

Trading has many moving parts, but one of the foundations of trading is built on strategies.

You will learn six simple, rules-based strategies for new and experienced traders to add to their trading toolbox. This course covers everything from the point-by-point checklist, to setting up the scan, to installing and implementing the custom indicators (where applicable), to evaluating your results. Traders can trade each strategy as is or use them as building blocks for a system that fits their needs.

This course is presented by Matt Hensley, a full-time active stock, options and futures trader. Matt has been teaching trading for almost five years, having worked with more than 100 traders one-on-one and lectured to thousands at various conferences and webinars.

“I’ve personally used each of these patterns over my years of trading, and I’ve selected a broad mix of strategies for this course you can use when trading stocks and options, and it can be explored on different timeframes.”

Matt Hensley,

What You’ll Learn

  • Six rules-based strategies to add to your trading toolbox
  • When to deploy these strategies in stocks or options
  • How to determine if each strategy is right for you

What’s Included

  • More than two hours of video learning
  • Chart setups for rules-based trading
  • Access to scans and indicators where applicable


  • Basic understanding of trading terminology

Meet Your Coach

Matt Hensley

Matt Hensley has been a full-time trader since 2014. With his degree in management, background in both teaching and coaching, and passion for the markets, teaching others about how to trade became the next logical step.


Course Syllabus

  • How to Deploy New Trading Strategies, The Snapback and 50 Bottom Bounce84 min
  • RSI (2) and NR7 Setups46 min
  • Two Down Dip and Two Up Clip28 min
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