Survival to Mastery – Back-testing Your Plan

//Survival to Mastery – Back-testing Your Plan
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Survival to Mastery – Back-testing Your Plan

Survival to Mastery – Back-testing Your Plan

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Course Objectives

A lot of traders can spend years trying different strategies, or applying different methodologies to their trading, and it can take a lot of time, and can be quite frustrating.

The main problem is that they lack confidence in their strategy, and in order to gather the data to prove whether or not that strategy really works overtime, it could take months to find out.

This course will teach you how to look at past trading data and apply strategies to it, without risking real money in the process, and without taking real-life time of months-years. We will show you how you can collect and analyse years’ worth of trading data, which may only take you a few weeks.

The idea is that you can view years of simulated trades, in a much shorter time frame, by being able to use the technology available to you to see if your methodology would have worked in the past consistently, and therefore, whether or not it has the likelihood to work in the future.

One thing that some traders struggle with is understanding how to interpret a collection of trades – if it didn’t work, why? If it did, why? What could have been done differently to alter results in our favour? As we go through the course, we will spend time on how to analyse trading data and how to mould and interpret it to create a plan that suits your individual trading profile.

When attending this course you would typically meet traders who already have a trading methodology and are eager to know more about what to expect from it when applying it to the markets. New traders are certainly welcome as understanding this material before learning a methodology is truly beneficial.

Meet Your Coach

Trader and Coach

Becky is a skilled trader specializing in Forex and Futures with a passion for her supporting students.



The Traddictiv Support Team

Key Concepts

  • Understand what back-testing is and why is it so important to our plans
  • Master the different uses for back-testing to help speed up your skill development, increase your confidence and ultimately change your results
  • Use TradeStation® to collect past trading data – Swing Trades
  • Use TradingView to collect past trading data – Day Trades
  • Analyse your trade log data and understand how to interpret it to create the most effective and efficient trade plan that suits your individual needs as a trader

What’s Included

  • 6 hours of LIVE delivery
  • 2 days of efficient learning: Saturday and Sunday
  • 3 hours per day
  • Unlimited Access to Recordings to watch, re-watch and review
  • Reinforcement Sessions each week for the Traddictiv Channel subscribers
  • Documentation and templates to be able to replicate what you will learn in the course
  • Unrestricted archive and live retake access for courses

Course Syllabus

  • What is Back-testing?
  • Why Back-test?
  • When to Back-test?
  • Back-testing Tools
  • Back-testing Process
  • Back-testing on TradeStation®
  • Back-testing on TradingView
  • Analysis of data

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