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Trader’s Transition Program

Trader’s Transition Program

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Course Objectives

Becoming a successful trader requires both well-tested strategy setups and having the mindset of a trader. Most new traders will seek out as many trading strategies as they can without learning the way to trade them, or they’ll seek out the mental edge they need without a reliable process for entering and exiting trades.

In this course, Matt helps you build, or rebuild, your trading career from the ground up. You’ll start by learning several effective, rules-based swing and day trading strategies. Swing strategies include the ‘SnapBack’ and ‘Fifty Bottom Bounce’, and day trading strategies include the ‘3/8 Crossover’ day trading system and its three variations. You’ll then move into how to properly record and evaluate your trading. Finally, you’ll learn how to order your life and your head to avoid getting in your own way as you improve.

In addition, you’ll receive two private one-on-one sessions with Matt, who will help walk you through each module and answer any questions you may have.

Key Concepts

  • Learning and trading rules-based strategies
  • Tracking and evaluating your trading
  • How to develop a day to day trading routine
  • Common mental trading errors and how to avoid them
  • How to treat your trading as a business
  • Developing a Trading Mindset

What’s Included

  • Two 1-on-1 coaching sessions with the instructor
  • Access to a private Twitter feed with recent examples, market commentary and exercises
  • Over five hours of video instruction

Meet Your Coach

Matt Hensley
Head Coach

Matt focuses on day trading the market open, looking for momentum stocks and short-term profits, then targets options swing trades to hold for one to three days.


Course Syllabus

  • Welcome & Overview28 min
  • Unit 1 – Swing Trading Strategies58 min

  • Unit 2 – First Hour Day Trading System41 min

  • Unit 3 – Tracking Your Trade42 min

  • Unit 4 – Trading Psychology 10172 min

  • Unit 5 – Trading as a Business48 min

  • Unit 6 – The Trading Life26 min

Unlimited Access
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