Episode 88 – Where Is The S&P 500 Headed

//Episode 88 – Where Is The S&P 500 Headed

Episode 88 – Where Is The S&P 500 Headed

In this weeks podcast, we discuss the S&P 500 chart and where we think the market support and resistance is this week.

We had discussed after the correction on Dec 24th, that we believed that the market would make small daily moves to the upside. This premise has been proven as the market has made daily small moves up over the last few weeks. We feel that this will continue as long as the US political landscape remains the same as it is now. If there are any changes to the ongoing Government Shutdown, US China Trade dispute or other notable headlines the market will in our view see a larger move.

Earnings season is about to begin and it will set the tone for the remainder of 2019. Many companies have hinted that earnings and revenue growth will be less than last quarter. The market seems to have priced this in thus far. However it is our belief that if companies release numbers that are even lower than their initial guidance then the market will not be kind to them and they will see larger than anticipated price adjustments to the down side.
The market is showing signs of a recovery, however this is not a well established or confident rally, that could end any day.

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