Episode 96 – Buying IPO’s

//Episode 96 – Buying IPO’s

Episode 96 – Buying IPO’s

Join Sarah Potter and TJ to hear this latest podcast. In this episode, we discuss trading IPO’s and specific ways we are looking at trading recent stocks to go public like LYFT and BYND.

Sarah has been particularly interested in buying BYND stock, especially after the stock rose about $65.00. BYND is a stock that is still new to the market, and hence we are still learning and watching to see how the options expire, how the much the stock moves within a day and the profitability of the stock company.

TJ is interested in trading LYFT and explains that he believes this stock will continue to rise as it is a business that is well engrained into our lifestyles. Find out more about what to look for and how to assess IPOs.