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Have you ever wondered why you get lost in the rigors of daily trading activities as you jump on to your brokerage platform straightaway when the market opens? Do you struggle to find proper directions of the market in the middle of a vast ocean of information and signals? Do you feel like you have wasted hours before starting to get into positions?
You’re not alone. We all fall into the trap of wandering as we search for the right information for our trading strategy when trying to settle down on a trading day. This webinar helps clear the clutter in your mind by showing you how to follow a simple step-by-step daily routine carefully curated just for traders like you.
This webinar will:

  • Help you concentrate on your trading strategy every day
  • Go through essential pre-requisites before you jump on to place your first trade
  • Give you a definitive direction and help you learn to navigate on your own

Shantanu has relied on his years of trading experience to develop his daily routine that he will share with you so you can avoid wasting time and get started quickly and effectively.

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