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Important Information2019-08-22T16:21:40-04:00, and any similar offerings by You Can Trade, Inc. (collectively, “YouCanTrade”) are solely educational, news and entertainment media publications that seek to provide a marketplace of potentially actionable investment and trading ideas, demonstrations and informational tools to the self-directed investment community.  You may find some of these ideas, demonstrations and informational tools interesting (or not), or insightful (or not), or actionable (or not).  As a self-directed investor or trader, that is up to you.  We have no interest or stake in what you like or appreciate, what decisions you make, or what information you may decide to act upon (if any).  We give everyone who subscribes the same content, ideas and informational tools which they have subscribed for (there may be different kinds and levels of subscription) and do not customize them for you or any other subscriber. 

You see, we are not an investment, trading or financial adviser or pool, broker-dealer, futures commission merchant, investment research company, digital asset or cryptocurrency exchange or broker, or any other kind of financial or money services company.  We do not give any investment, trading or financial advice, or research analyses or recommendations, or make any judgments, hold any opinions, or make any other recommendations, about whether you should purchase, sell, own or hold any security, futures contract or other derivative, or digital asset or digital asset derivative, or any class, category or sector of any of the foregoing, or whether you should make any allocation of your invested capital between or among any of the foregoing.  All of that is up to you, and your own judgments.  Think of us like you would an electronic or web trade magazine or newsletter with (hopefully) great ideas, illustrations and examples delivered in (again, hopefully) a timely fashion to act upon should you so choose.

More specifically on that last point, please understand that any informational tools we provide (whether actual live trading demonstrations, actual or hypothetical historical performance results, or lists or rankings that rate from “highest to lowest,” “more likely to less likely,” or “outperform and underperform,” or other investment ideas, formulas or models based on specific conditions or facts) which produce actual trading or investment results (whether favorable or unfavorable), or seek to quantify probability, are intended in no manner to predict or recommend actual investment or trading outcomes for you or anybody else, and none should be implied.  Remember, there are numerous variables which can affect actual outcomes when you decide to invest or trade, including things like new or unforeseen political, weather, geographical and market events, trade liquidity at different times, and other technical and fundamental factors which will not be part of the specific idea analysis we are showing or demonstrating to you.  In other words, when we demonstrate a potential or actual outcome it is typically based solely on an isolated formula or set of objective facts to the exclusion of all other potentially relevant variables and factors.  Accordingly, these ideas about possibility or probability of outcome should be read as nothing more than information we believe you might find useful as one factor in thinking about your own decisions based solely on your own judgments, including your evaluation of your investment comfort and risk profile (as a self-directed investor, only you can do that).  You should also be aware as a general matter that past performance, whether actual or indicated by historical tests of strategies, is never a guarantee of future performance or success.  And please remember, even an actual result that has occurred minutes before you make a trading decision is past performance and may not, and often does not, repeat. 

As mentioned earlier, we provide the same information to anyone in the public who purchases a subscription, or a particular subscription (again, we will likely offer more than one kind), and we do not customize the information we provide for any specific person.  Your subscription fee covers all of our services provided from time to time under the subscription or subscriptions you choose (if we offer more than one choice), and will not vary based on the types, categories, approaches or formats of the information or service provided, even if certain types, categories, approaches or formats increase or decrease in frequency, content or scope, or are otherwise modified in any such regard, or are eliminated.  If any such change occurs your sole right is to cancel your subscription according to the terms of your subscription agreement. 

Any ideas presented by any guest speakers, educators or commentators are purely their own, and we in no manner approve of, support or endorse any such ideas discussed by a guest speaker or any other third party whose ideas or methods are made available to you by YouCanTrade.  As we have said, we don’t even endorse our own ideas, including those of any speakers or demonstrators who are employed by or affiliated with us. 

More specifically on that last point, you will likely see on YouCanTrade sites, apps, displays or communications separate “channels” for which you have the opportunity to subscribe and that are hosted by speakers, educators and commentators we engage as independent contractors to enrich our educational and news content and related entertainment content services to the public.  Should you decide (and only you can decide) to buy one of these subscriptions (as the case may be, an “Educator Subscription”), you acknowledge, accept and agree that the individual or company you engage for an Educator Subscription (the “Engaged Educator”) is not a licensed financial or investment adviser, or permitted to give you any personal financial, investment or trading advice for which a license is required, and neither YouCanTrade, nor any of its affiliates, approve of, support or endorse any Engaged Educator or the ideas, methods, content or demonstrations presented or discussed by the Engaged Educator.  Solely you must determine if you are comfortable with an Educator Subscription and Engaged Educator, including you performing any due diligence or other research or exploration solely you deem important or relevant. All of your payment obligations regarding any such Educator Subscription shall be solely between you and YouCanTrade, pursuant to your subscription agreement with YouCanTrade, and you will not, by signing up for an Educator Subscription, be creating or establishing a contractual or other business relationship with any such Engaged Educator, and you should inform us promptly if any Engaged Educator tells you otherwise or seeks to establish a separate, other or new contractual or business relationship with you of any kind. 

YouCanTrade is owned by You Can Trade, Inc., an educational and news content company incorporated in the State of Florida.  All content and services under your subscription, or on YouCanTrade sites, apps or other displays, are presented solely by You Can Trade, Inc. and not any affiliated company.  You Can Trade, Inc. is an affiliate of (a) TradeStation Securities, Inc. (“TradeStation Securities”), a licensed broker dealer and futures commissions merchant (Member NYSE, FINRA, SIPC, CME and NFA) which offers online brokerage services to self-directed investors and traders for stocks, ETFs, security and index options, commodity and financial futures, and futures options, and (b) TradeStation Crypto, Inc. (“TradeStation Crypto”), an online cryptocurrencies broker registered with FinCEN and applicable money service business or money transmitter state agencies or authorities. 

Our affiliates, TradeStation Securities and TradeStation Crypto, have asked us to notify you of the following: 

If you are a YouCanTrade subscriber, and also happen to be, or become, a brokerage customer of TradeStation Securities or TradeStation Crypto (or both), you acknowledge and accept that all ideas, content and other informational tools from YouCanTrade you may decide to use in connection with your TradeStation Securities and/or TradeStation Crypto brokerage account(s), including if you are given the ability to access and use, on a manual, automated or other interactive basis, such YouCanTrade ideas or tools from YouCanTrade or within or from your TradeStation Securities and/or TradeStation Crypto brokerage platform(s) or any other TradeStation-branded online center, screen, app or site, are still being provided to you solely by YouCanTrade, and not in any manner by TradeStation Securities or TradeStation Crypto or any other TradeStation affiliate.  Any such use by you of such YouCanTrade content, ideas or tools does not create any rights or obligations between you and TradeStation Securities or TradeStation Crypto regarding such use or their results relating to your TradeStation Securities and/or TradeStation Crypto brokerage account services.  Please remember that neither TradeStation Securities, nor TradeStation Crypto, gives advice or makes recommendations, provides investment banking services or underwrites offerings, manages accounts or engages in proprietary trading for its own account or makes markets (other than, with respect to TradeStation Crypto, using matching engines to fulfill customer trade orders between customers, or between customers and third-party liquidity providers).  No content, ideas or informational tools published by YouCanTrade or provided to you under a YouCanTrade subscription is endorsed by TradeStation Securities, TradeStation Crypto or any other YouCanTrade affiliate).

YouCanTrade is an online media publication service which provides investment educational content, ideas and demonstrations, and does not provide investment or trading advice, research or recommendations. Click here to read important disclosure, disclaimer and assumption of risk information. Active trading generally, and options, futures and digital assets trading in particular, may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance, whether actual or simulated, does not guarantee or predict future results.
CME GROUP or CME GROUP GLOBE are trademarks of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. and have been licensed by YouCanTrade for use in connection with the FAST channel and the Spring Summit. Any services offered by YouCanTrade are not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. or its Affiliates and none of them makes any representation regarding any such goods or services.
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