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The Market This Week
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The Market This Week with Sarah Potter

When: Thursday at 12:00 PM ET

Duration: 15 minutes

Keep your eye on the market action and find out what’s happening each day in this exciting live stream show. Whether you’re trading equities, options or futures, professional trader Sarah Potter will bring you up to speed on the latest market outlook and analysis. Watch the action unfold on real-time charts and learn how to use actionable trading strategies to spot trends that could lead to your next trade.

Note: Active trading is not suitable for all investors.

About Sarah Potter

Sarah is an active professional trader in both the options and futures markets. She is the author of How You Can Trade Like A Pro: Breaking into Options, Futures, Stocks and ETFs (Published by McGraw Hill) and founder of, a company dedicated to sharing real live trades, market analysis and resources for traders and active investors. Sarah is a regular contributor to, TradeStation, All Stars of Options, Traders Expo, Scotia iTrade and more. Her work has been featured in, Yahoo Finance, AOL Daily Finance, and Active Trader Magazine.

YouCanTrade is an online media publication service which provides investment educational content, ideas and demonstrations, and does not provide investment or trading advice, research or recommendations. Click here to read important disclosure, disclaimer and assumption of risk information. Active trading generally, and options, futures and digital assets trading in particular, may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance, whether actual or simulated, does not guarantee or predict future results.
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