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Investing In the Stock Market: Why Most Investors Fail

It is a well-known fact that many investors, in fact, most retail investors lose money investing in the stock market. The goal of most stock market investors is to buy low and sell high for a profit, however only a few manage to do so consistently.  Why is it that so many individual investors perform so poorly? There are a [...]

Choosing the Right Stocks for Options Trading

As an options trader, determining the right underlying stock to trade is extremely important. This is sometimes overlooked however it can be the difference between being a successful options trader and a struggling one. To increase their chances of trading options successfully, traders must not only focus on what options to trade but should also dedicate more time and effort in [...]

Choosing the Right Options is crucial to your Options Trading success

Options can be traded alone or in various combinations, with so many strategies at your finger tips, it can sometimes be a daunting task to pick the best strategy for your needs. To increase your chances of options trading success, you must not only select the right underlying stocks, but also choose the right options strategy to trade. Some options [...]

Options vs Stocks; What’s Best for Your Investment Portfolio

Options vs Stocks, for your investment portfolio.  For Investors, there are many investment opportunities to choose from including Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Commodities and ETFs. We will explore some differences between Options Trading vs Stocks, some characteristics of both and discuss how they can compliment each other and play an important role in the performance of your investment portfolio. When [...]

Options Trading Strategies for Beginners

Many new traders today make the mistake of venturing into options trading with a very limited understanding or appreciation of the various options trading strategies that they can utilize. They fail to realize that without a proper strategy, the likelihood of making bad trades and loosing money increases significantly, resulting in self-doubt and dwindling confidence in their trading abilities. They [...]