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How will Artificial Intelligence Affect Retail Trading in 2020

By: Neil Szczepanski, Tradeology In order to best understand the effect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on retail trading one must first understand what AI is. AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Particular applications of AI including expert systems, speech recognition and machine vision. When we think of AI we tend to think in [...]

Tax Advantages of Trading Futures and Options on Futures

By: Brian Benson, On Course with Options What is Section 1256? For traders who are subject to US tax regulations and file Federal tax returns in the United States, there’s a rather useful, but not widely known, portion of the tax code called Section 1256.  Section 1256 provides for a 60/40 split between long-term and short- term capital gains tax [...]

Trading in These “Crazy” Markets

By Matt Hensley, Two Roads Trading   For the past few months, the superlatives used to describe the market by swing traders, including crazy, untradeable and irrational, have been all over the place. In reality, no market is untradeable, though today’s market is certainly giving that thought a run for its money. We simply have a large amount of macro [...]

Investing In the Stock Market: Why Most Investors Fail

It is a well-known fact that many investors, in fact, most retail investors lose money investing in the stock market. The goal of most stock market investors is to buy low and sell high for a profit, however only a few manage to do so consistently.  Why is it that so many individual investors perform so poorly? There are a [...]

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