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Course Begins In:

Strategies for Trading Options Volatility – 5 Course Program

Cost: $997 USD

Length: 5 Modules

Format: Online course, watch at your own pace, course does not expire


What Do You Get?

  • 5 Course Modules
  • Handouts, and worksheets
  • Bonus Volatility Calculators

Implied Volatility is talked about a lot, but how does it really impact the options you trade. What strategies are best suited for different levels of Implied Volatility. The VIX measures market volatility, but it can also be traded just like any other index. What strategies generate income in the VIX and what strategies are destined to fail every time.

In this course, we will discuss what implied volatility is, how it effects your trades and the strategies you can implement to take advantage of different levels of volatility. In addition, we will discuss the VIX and the best options strategies for trading the VIX index. Each component of the course can help you better understand that is going on behind the scenes in the market. If you trade volatility directly or just want to better understand how the price of the options you trade move, you should take this course.

Topics Include:

  • Detailed trade setups, and examples throughout the entire course
  • 5 trade setups for implied volatility and 3 trade setups for the VIX
  • What are the impacts of Implied Volatility on your Trades
  • The best strategies to trade during times of high and low implied volatility
  • How stock prices and options prices react to changes in Implied Volatility
  • How to understand what normal volatility looks like and how to know when it reaches extremes
  • When is it better to trade options on a stock or the stock itself
  • How the VIX is calculated
  • Trading the VIX, the best strategies to use, and the ones that will never work
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