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Start Trading Options

Cost: $1997 USD

Length: 10 modules ( Over 10 hrs of learning )

Format: Online course, watch at your own pace, course does not expire


What Do You Get?

Traders often want to know how they can start trading options. There are countless options strategies and confusing language surrounding the options market. This course will cut through the jargon and give you the trader what you need to know to start trading options. This course is designed to take you from complete new trader, to placing trades at the end of the 10 modules. The course teaches you about options, and ends with real trading strategies you can use to start placing your first few options trades. The length of the course and the personal coaching are designed to be interactive and help the trader through any questions they might have about trading options.

This is an in-depth beginner course where by the end you will have the tools to place options trades and have an understanding about the market. Best of all you get the personalized support of one on one coaching.

Trading in a way that matches your personality as a trader is one of the ways to improve your chances in the ever-changing options market. Sarah has coached countless traders, allowing them to significantly improve their knowledge of options and setting them up with the tools that allow them to place base and to be able to execute better trade opportunities.

When you sign up the Start Trading Options course you will get:

  • 10 course modules that you can review at your own pace
  • Easy to understand explanation of what an option is, and most importantly what you need to know to trade them
  • Strategies you can use to begin placing trades in the market, the same strategies I use every day
  • How to gather evidence from the market to help place higher probability trades
  • Explanation of options trading setups, what works what doesn’t
  • How to use Tradestation, charting setups, how to install indicators, how to use Options Station Pro
  • How to track your trades to know what is working and what isn’t
  • Easy to understand explanation of all the confusing options terms you hear
  • Managing Risk

What will you get for your investment?

  • A starter course that will get you trading and understanding options
  • Better ways to identify trades
  • Strategies you can actually use to trade
  • Strategies to improve your trading resilience, psychology and long term outlook

The course includes the following topics.

  • Options Terminology, and How the Market Works
  • Options Strategies
  • How to Find Trades
  • Placing a Trade From Beginning to End, including trade management
  • The basics of technical analysis, what it is and how to use it to your advantage
  • Using Indicators to Find Better Trades
  • Trading Psychology
  • Trade Monitoring and Improvement
  • Refining Trade Entries and Exits
  • Implementing Your Trading Strategy

This isn’t a 2hr course that you are used to, this is an in depth course with personalised feedback. The greatest advantage of this course it that over the 10 modules you get to see how the strategies will work and how to approach the markets. You get an options trading course from beginning to end that provided you with enough time to fully understand and get feedback on the concepts that you have learned.

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