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options mastery course

Trading Mastery

Cost: $1997 USD

When: Coming Soon – Contact Us:

Length: 10 modules ( 60 to 90 min each )

Prerequisite: Options Essentials Program or Prior Trading Experience

Format: Online course, watch at your own pace, course does not expire


What Do You Get?

  • 2 30 minute coaching session with Sarah
  • 10 Course Modules
  • Handouts, and worksheets

What does it take to master options? You have traded options for some time and you need to know the subtle details to make you the best trader you can be. This advanced course is designed to present the more advanced options strategies that experienced traders can use to really hone their craft.

In this course we start where the Options Trading Essentials program left off, covering more advanced and complicated strategies. The strategies are what is often required to allow you to find the most trades in any given market climate.

Built around a set of 10 core modules this study at your own pace course is what will help you master the markets. Best of all you get the personalized support of one on one coaching.

When you sign up the Trading Essentials Program you will get:

  • A trading plan to help you through the course materials
  • 12 modules, that can be watched at your own pace when ever you want
  • Complete set of learning modules with advanced options trading strategies
  • Two 20min phone call consults with Sarah booked during the five week program
  • A strategy heavy course that will improve your options trading
  • New strategies for trading options that help improve the probability of trades
  • Strategies you can actually use to trade
  • Strategies and concepts that you can apply to fine tune and improve your existing trade setups

The course is broken up in to the following modules.


  1. Implied Volatility
  2. Rolling and Adjusting Trades
  3. Multi Leg Strategies
  4. Butterfly
  5. Calendar Spreads
  6. Iron Condors
  7. Hedging – Protective Puts
  8. Selling Puts

This this is an in depth course with personalised feedback. The greatest advantage of this course it that over the 10 modules you get to see how the strategies will work and how to approach the markets. You get an options trading course that gives you advanced trading strategies that any trader can use to start trading like a professional.

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